Sunday, April 11, 2010

4Kids Insert Songs

Mean Girls:

Diss you, tell you that you're ugly
Mean girls gonna make you cry
Take your homework, slam your makeup,
Then they're gonna steal your guy.

Spread some gossip, steal your locker.
Tell you, "You're a loser, nerd!"
Humiliate, eviscerate, uh,
That's why they lead the herd. . .

Mean girls are popular,
Mean girls are cool,
Mean girls are icy cold!
That's why the mean girls rule!

Kick your booty,
Trash your rep.
Mean girls always put you down!
Diss your hair,
Shame your outfit,
Then they run you outta town.

Mean girls are popular,
Mean girls cool.
Mean girls are icy cold!
That's why the means girls rule!

Mean girls, mean girls...

Feels Like Magic:

Oh, I don't know what it is,
But there's something buried
Way down deep inside me,
And it feels like magic!

Part of you and a part of me,
Close your eyes and you will see,
It's not hard to believe!

Oh, I don't know what it is,
But there's something new
That keeps on goin' though me,
And it fees like magic!
And I never felt like this...

Just Us Girls:

The best thing about each new day
Is that it's better than,
Better than the last

Can't wait to see where we're headin',
But we don't want to get there,
Don't want to get there too fast

Won't face the world on our own,
Never have to worry about being alone!
'Cuz what we've got,
is all we need.

Just us girls!
Sharin' everything
Just us girls!
Got 'em on the run!
Just us girls!
Everyday is spring,
Time to spread our wings
We're having tons of fun
Just us girls.....


Don't know what came over me,
Got all lost in a fantasy
(With you and me)
My broken heart is gonna heal,
Can't believe the way I feel
(Is this for real?)

I'm caught up in your spell
(Under your spell),
And there's just no way to tell,
How I'm gonna break free...

Gotta find an answer,
All the places we've been!
That we'll last forever,
I won't stop searching for you,
Till we're together again!

Where the Girls Are:

I wanna be where the girls are (oh oh)
I wanna do what all the girls do (oo oo)
I may not be on your radar,
But boy I got my eyes on you!

I'm gonna get the eye
Of ev'ry girl & ev'ry guy,
Like the hotties in the magazines
When I kick it and I rock it with my money in my pocket
And a faded pair of low-rise jeans
With a tip top, quick shop, high-heel flip-flop,
Crusin' down the radio dial
Make your eyes pop, jaws drop
Can't stop, I gotta shop!
Bringin' home a brand-new style
(Gonna drop jaws)

I wanna be where the girls are (oh oh)

I wanna do what all the girls do (oo oo)
I may not be on your radar,
But boy I got my eye on you!

This is the Beat:

All I really want is just one chance
To grab a boy and start to dance!
All you gotta do,
is move your feet
(Move your feet)
'Cause baby,
here's the girl,
and this is the beat!

Whoa whoa whoa!
Feel the magic,
get into the groove!
Clap your hands and start to move
Baby that's way that two hearts meet
(Two hearts meet)

here's the girl and this is the beat!

Super-Fantastic Absolutely Totally Fab:

Super-fantastic, absolutely totally fab!

A dress that will make all the gossips gab
Make it super stunning no matter what the tab
Super-fantastic, absolutely totally fab! (Fab, Fab)
Make a shorter dress shorter
Take it to the border
Make it clingy
Make it fly
No need to be shy!
Hot hot
That's so tight
outta sight
Feels so good-
It's light at night
Make it make all the boys cry!
Absolutely totally
Absolutely totally
Super-fantastic absolutely totally fab!
(Fab, fab)


Turned around
Upside down,
Two suns in the East.
Nothing is like it was before
Flyings like running with the sky,
Beneath your feet.
When I went to ride the wind,
It slipped away, so fast,I tumbled hard
and went to a fall,
Now I know need to know
Why I've got wings at all.
I need to know why I have wings, at all


If your in distress my damsel, miss
Don’t give up the fight
I’ll jump right in with chiseled chin
And rescue you tonight

Both stream and field
With sword and shield,
Charging into the fray
I’ll win your heart we'll never part
And carry you away

I’m a hero
It’s just what I do
I’m a hero
So call me and I’ll rescue you

I’ll rescue you tonight

When the fight is fierce
We aren’t alone
I only think of this:
The battle done and
We have won
To you I give a kiss

I’m a hero,
It’s just what I do
I’m a hero
so call me and I’ll rescue you

I’ll rescue you tonight
(Rescue you tonight)

Count on Me:

You can count on me
Like I count on you
If we're there for each other
We will always pull through!

In our Moment of darkness
When all hope is gone
We still give each other
Strength to carry on!

United hand in hand
Divided we fall
But together we stand

Meant to Be:

You've got my heart
I'll never lose
Because now
I'm close
Closer to you

My strength
My power,
Comes from you

Now I understand the truth
That you gotta believe
You gotta believe

You and me
Always have one single destiny
You and me
Were meant to be

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